Day 1, Meeting: Hartree Insights | Cyber Security in HPC

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing topic in technology, routinely hitting headlines. The HPC and HPDA communities are increasingly affected as the focus on security at the facility level widens to include the applications that run on them. There is a myriad of competing concerns, and this is becoming a key topic of debate for researchers, software engineers and hardware vendors alike.

Attention to these concerns is increasing in urgency as organisations integrate HPC and HPDA practices into their core business, especially in highly regulated as sectors such as finance and healthcare. Is cybersecurity as simple as a bolt-on solution, or should it be integral to how we manage information, secure systems against vulnerabilities, encrypt and protect data?

We’ll explore all these themes and more with industry speakers and a panel session in the Cybersecurity in HPC breakout session at Computing Insight UK 2017


Meetings for this event

DAY 1 | 1000 - Hartree Insights | Cyber Security in HPC
DAY 1 | 1430 - Spectrum Scale User Group
DAY 2 | 0930 - EMiT @ CIUK Workshop
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