Tomo-and-Coffee Session: LaVision (March 2014)


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This is one in a series of informal meetings scheduled for the last Friday of each month consisting of talks/show-and-tells along with opportunity to discuss visualisation needs with your data. 

The topic: "Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) from LaVision - a novel tool for quantifying full-field displacement and strains"

Abstract: Dave Hollis from LaVision will be discussin DVC. "Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) is a novel tool for quantifying full-field displacement and strains throughout material volumes having undergone deformation. The technique is an extension of 2D digital image correlation and uses the conservation of gray-scale levels of 3D volumes obtained using a volume imaging technique such as X-ray CT. The material’s natural or artificially introduced internal pattern is tracked between subsequent volumes allowing the investigator to truly understand the subsurface material behaviour and validate complex simulations. 

In this meeting Dave Hollis from LaVision (dhollis at will give an overview of the technique and show some of the results possible.  Also present will be Faye Gillard of The University of Southampton muVis centre, and has experience of applying DVC to a variety of materials and test cases.  Faye is a Knowledge Transfer Secondee (KTS) working with muvis and LaVision to further develop the technique by exploring new materials and applications.  There will be ample opportunity to discuss DVC with Dave and Faye during this meeting".

The meeting will start at 3pm in the Atlas Visualisation Facility. This can be found in the Atlas Building at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory on the Harwell Campus.

Questions or enquiries about this event should be directed to Martin Turner and David Worth.

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Start Date: Friday, 28th March 2014
End Date: Friday, 28th March 2014

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Atlas Visualisation Facility
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Atlas Building, Harwell Campus OX11 0QX
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