Attosecond and Free Electron Laser Science 2018

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International Conference at University College London, July 2nd-July 4th 2018

***All questions about the conference should be directed to Dr Agapi Emmanouilidou***

Deadline For Registration

The deadline for registration is February 28th. If you want to present a poster please send your abstract to Dr. Agapi Emmanouilidou by February 28th. Some of the abstracts will be selected for oral presentations

Conference Summary

Ultra-Short and Intense Laser pulses offer the means to observe, control and probe multi-electron effects during ionization and break-up of strongly-driven atoms and molecules. Moreover, Free Electron Laser facilities is a route to delivering XUV and X-ray pulses with intensities orders of magnitude larger than those provided by conventional synchrotron radiation sources.

Ultra-fast and intense X-ray pulses open-up new horizons for probing and controlling the attosecond motion of inner-shell electrons in multi-photon multi-ionization processes.

This conference aims to bring together theorists from the FEL and Attosecond-Strong Field Science communities to discuss and present recent advances in theoretical techniques developed to tackle multi-electron effects in ionization of atoms and molecules.

Another goal of this meeting is to draw together theorists and experimentalists in order to identify the most interesting challenges that both communities will face in the future.

Preliminary List of Speakers:

    • Paul Corkum
    • Andre Staudte
    • Ursulla Keller
    • Jon Marangos
    • Linda Reichl
    • David Villeneuve
    • Jan Michael Rost
    • Armin Scrinzi
    • Dieter Bauer
    • Fransesca Calegari
    • Andre Bandrauk
    • Reinhardt Doerner
    • Boris Buerges
    • Alfred Maquet
    • Antony Starace
    • Nimrod Moiseyev
    • Brett Esry
    • Eva Lindroth
    • Linda Young
    • Hugo van der Hart
    • Dimitris Charalambidis
    • John Travers
    • Eleftherios Goulielmakis
    • Francois Legare
    • Amelle Zair
    • David Dunning

    Organizing Committee
    Chair: Agapi Emmanouilidou
    Paul Corkum
    Matthias Kling
    Hossein Sadeghpour
    Jonathan Tennyson

    University College London
    Roberts Building
    Torrington Pl, Greater London WC1E 6BT

    Lecture Theatre: G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming LT

    Start Date: Monday, 2nd July 2018
    End Date: Wednesday, 4th July 2018

    Price: £160
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    94 remaining out of 150 spaces

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    Venue Details

    University College London, Torrington Place, WC1E 6BT - G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming LT
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